Side by Side Neutral Starter Pack Freeze Dried Dog Food

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Start your pet off on the journey to wellness! Our Neutral Starter Pack is perfect for dogs that are 'just right'! If your pup is healthy & active - this is the perfect pack to help support, invigorate and maintain overall balance! Designed to work together, this combination of freeze dried food, GI supplementation & treats is the perfect starter kit to transition to a whole food diet and build a strong foundation for lifelong canine health! Belly Balance helps restore the GI tract as the freeze dried patties nourishes them from the inside out & the rabbit treats are ideal for training, treating or using as a tasty addition to their food! Each kit includes the keys to a successful transition to a whole food diet: Six (6) Freeze Dried Patties, one (1) treat; and One (1) Belly Balance Supplement.

Why We Love It:

  • Patties: Freeze-Dried to Lock In Raw Whole Food Nutrition made with savory beef (helps invigorate and maintain balance), & Omega rich Salmon (helps maintain a shiny coat), plus vitamin rich carrots, this recipe helps build good overall health.
  • Belly Balance: restores the GI tract back to full functioning health. Packed with probiotics, it helps your dogs intenstines heal & repair so they are able to absorb all the nutrients from the food they eat.
  • Beef Heart with Blackstrap Molasses: Freeze dried to lock in the nutrients these neutral treats are made with only 2 ingredients: Beef Heart & Blackstrap Molasses and are a great source of Taurine!

About Side by Side

Side by Side has made it their mission to get back to basics, remove all the artificial stuff, say NO to synthetics, fillers and products that are labeled as ‘unfit for human consumption’. They source human grade ingredients and fill your dog's bowl with the same high quality ingredients that we fill our human plates with. Made in the USA In Small Batches from Whole Food Ingredients.

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    Contains: (6) Freeze Dried Beef & Salmon Recipe Patties; (1) Belly Balance (60 ct); (1) Beef Heart with Blackstrap Molasses Treat bag